Easy Guide to Wandering the Streets of Paris

Paris France is one of the most popular tourist attraction towns in the world if not the best. This is one of the most ideal places that one would find themselves when on vacation or business trip because of some of the well-known breathtaking scenery. The streets of Paris for anyone even the local can be so intriguing and that is why it is vitally important if you want to enjoy your stay in this wonderful town to know your way around. There are several ways to wandering the street of Paris and have a time of your life.

1. Get to know how to get to Paris from the Airport

You will not be the first individual to land in the airport and get confused on what to do next and how to get anywhere this is simply because of the large population around. There are several means on how to get to Paris from the airport.

• Train: one of the most popular and easy way of going to Paris. It is a suburban train popularly known as RER b that is a Blue line which is the most convenient mode other than a taxi if you are coming from the Charles DE Gaulle Airport and the ticket is readily available at the airport.

• Another mode: Depending on where you are coming from, you can either take a taxi or a bus. If you are coming from the airport you can always The Roissy bus and many other buses provided by Air France.

Taxis are also available at a flat rate of about 50 US dollars and the best and common taxis that will make the whole experienced very easy is using the Uber.

2. Wandering around Paris

Using Paris metro is not only convenient but one of the easiest way of getting around Paris as you will realize that it connects directly to the RER. The tickets are available at the station ad it is advisable that one should always hold on to their ticket because it is what the will use when they are exiting the station.

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RER is very different for the normal subway that you are used to because they are also commuter lines that travel way into Paris and even further away from the town.

You will also realize that if you want to travel further, one will have to use there the train that is available at the main station in Paris and not RER.

The best tip on Wandering the Streets of Paris is picking the available time magazine that is not only in English but available in nearly all the stand, they will guide you on what the most ideal place to visit and what is on to add on top of that get to know the pinpointed museums and top sights that are available in Paris.


There is no doubt that Paris is the ideal destination for most of the tourist and it is no surprise that it is one of the most popular cities in Europe. That is why this guide should be very handy when you want to visit this magnificent town of lights and not regret any bit.

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